Become a volunteer

The charity relies entirely on its volunteers, for a whole range of activities in support of the services that we offer, including:

  • Befriending the refugees who come to us – the core of our service
  • Fundraising – both a leader for our fundraising and volunteers to take on specific activities.
  • Children’s party organising and catering – we invite all the kids and their parents to a party at least three times a year
  • Helping find and move essential household items, and occasionally fixing or installing things
  • Administration of the charity, including various IT projects
  • Accompanying our clients to various immigration and border agency offices, court appearances when the regular befriender can’t.
  • Being on a rota to help out at the Drop-In Centre on Tuesday and Friday 11 am to 1 pm, if available.

Volunteer training is a priority- especially with a view to improving our interaction with clients.  As well as sending volunteers on ‘must do’ courses (e.g. vulnerable adult and child safeguarding), WTRRP runs two annual evenings dedicated to sharing experiences and learning more about ‘refugee’ issues.  All volunteers are provided with a ‘Volunteers Handbook’ which focuses on best practice for volunteers to follow in terms of processes and procedures.

Whether you can spare an hour, a day or a week at a time, if you can help us to welcome, help and support refugees into a sustainable and safe state, please contact

Marie-Jo Churchill, Volunteer Co-ordinator