What does WTRRP do?

  • Befriends asylum seekers and refugees (our clients)
  • Gives practical help – food, toiletries, nappies etc
  • Works with the statutory authorities on our client’s behalf
  • Publicises the plight of our clients

What can I do to help?

  • Financial donations, large or small, to support our work (see donations page)
  • Invite us to send a speaker to your group, club, place of worship
  • Become a volunteer, befriend and offer practical support
  • Donate canned/dried food, toiletries, nappies and other basic household items

Why do refugees need help? Don’t they get help from the State?

The State provides only minimal help to those awaiting asylum decisions – and this can take years.

Are asylum-seekers illegal?

To seek asylum is not illegal. Some are awaiting decisions on asylum. Some believe – as a result of their experiences – they will be at grave risk if they return home.

Is it illegal to help them?

No one breaks the law by feeding the starving or giving shelter where it is needed.

Why encourage them? Aren’t there too many foreigners here already?

You have to be really desperate to flee here to live on what the State will pay you, or on charity!

What sort of people are they?

Sensible, normal, hard working and employable. The legal ban on working forces many into the black economy to survive.

What about the children?

Many refugees have fled with their children. These families have been through appalling experiences, and the last thing the children need is to be taken away from their parents and put into care.

Who is behind the project?

It is a small secular group, it has no sponsor or grants. Much of the help comes from local faith groups.

Is WTRRP a Registered Charity?

Yes we are, our charity number is 1162226.